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A guide on how to do a rapid antigen test from your nose

There’s a tendency to misuse something if you don’t have the necessary information. No one can judge you if your actions are ineffective because you don’t know much about them. But when you have the complete guide, and you still mess it up, people can blame you. Have you heard about the rapid antigen test? Do you even know what it entails? 

There’s no cause for alarm. In this article, we will explain what rat tests are all about, and we will proceed to provide good tips on how to use them. One thing is to know what RAT is, and another thing is to have an idea of how to run it. That’s paramount. 

However, you have a role to play. We are talking about something that has to do with health here. Honestly, it requires total concentration. Therefore, we urge you to pay attention and follow us closely. Please don’t miss any line. Just as we promised, let us briefly explain what a rapid antigen test is all about.

A guide on how to do a rapid antigen test from your nose

What is a rapid antigen test?

A rapid antigen test is a test that can detect COVID 19 variants. Now, one can carry out a COVID 19 examination in the comfort of one’s home. RAT are tests that tell if one is battling with the coronavirus. In 2019, the world was in great turmoil. I have never once believed that there could be a situation that’ll shake the world and make the world be at a spot. In 2019, COVID 19 cases were so strong that no one tried to come out. Some countries recorded tremendous results of death cases. So, Covid 19 is still trending. It reached a stage where people only looked for ways to stay safe and prevent themselves from contracting the coronavirus. With that said, the health practitioners introduced rapid antigen tests. It is a test to know or diagnose COVID 19. One lovely thing about this tool is that it is well structured, and it came in its simplicity. How do I mean? With this unique tool, every individual can carry out a test to know if they are battling with COVID 19 right there in their closet. Isn’t that amazing? So, now, one can diagnose oneself. That is the work of a rapid antigen test. Have you seen people putting something into their noses? It’s like a small tool; if you’ve seen that, you’ve once seen a rapid antigen test kit. 

Steps to take if you want to use RAT

  1. Your hands must be clean: The first step is to ensure that your hands are clean before you do a rapid antigen test. Why do you need to clean your hands? If your hand is dirty, you may be affected. The RAT is a sensitive test. So, if your hands are dirty, the result may not be clear. 
  2. Get a watch: It is suitable for you to time yourself. You must get a clock or timer if you want a reliable result. The tool must last for at least 15 minutes in your nose before you’ll see the effect. Therefore, it is good to set a timer. 
  3. Open the RAT kit: The next step is to open the kit. Ensure your hands are neat before touching the RAT kit. Then, you need to bring out the tools in the equipment and place them on a clean surface. What are the tools in RAT? If you open the RAT kit, you’ll see a strip. The strip is the essential tool that’ll show if you have COVID 19 or not. Then, you will see a stick with a soft end. It also contains a tube with liquid inside it. However, some RATs have the tube and liquid separately.
  4. Furthermore, you will also see a lid for the tube, a stand, and a touch. If your test kit comes with a stand, please use it. The frame will help you to stand the tool up. Please, you need to be careful. The tube must not fall over. Also, some rapid antigen tests come with the tube and liquid in different parts. Furthermore, one must carefully put the liquid inside the tube. So, after washing your hands, you need to open the kit to confirm the equipment in it. Make sure you have the tube in the right way. If you don’t have the tube in the right way, the result may come out imperfectly. A guide will confirm everything we are revealing to you here. 
  1. Read the information on the box: You need to read what the box says before you do the test. There is information on how to do the test on the box. Take your time to study it and take note of vital things there. 
A guide on how to do a rapid antigen test from your nose

The testing

Take the stick out of the packet. Mind you, do not touch the soft part at the end of the stick. This is essential. Then, put the soft part of the stick up your nose. You must put it up until you feel it touch the back of your nose. So, what next? 

You need to keep moving the stick in your nose. Please note that it is expedient for you to keep moving the stick around. Don’t just keep it in your nose without moving it around your nose. Why do you need to do this? You need to do this to have a perfect result. Furthermore, when the stick is in your nose, make sure you press the side of your nose. Of course, use the soft end of the same stick for the other side of your nose. 

So, when you’re done, put the stick in the tube. Stir the stick in the tube ten times. Then, you need to squeeze the tube’s sides together ten times gently. Now, take the stick out of the tube. Put the cap tightly on the tube. Also, get the strip that’ll show if you have COVID 19, then squeeze three or four drops of liquid into the circle at the bottom of the strip. Finally, give it some time, like fifteen minutes, and use the touch to read what the strip says.